Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Warning: Gi2C China Internship Scam Defrauds Hundreds Every Year!

What university graduate does not want to work for a huge fortune 500 company?  This is the dream that a company based in Beijing peddles by email, Skype, and with over 300 job ads on the internet every month. Gullible and naïve uni students take the bait and six months later ask their friends to kick them in the ass for being so stupid something "too good to be true"!

This company uses call centers in Beijing and Pakistan to solicit young people in English speaking countries to visit their very appealing website.  With fake reviews, paid shill testimonials and news aricles in Chinese newspapers (reporters were bribed to participate in the ruse) they makle themselves look very credible. They claim to have "guan xi" with all the top MNC and Fortune 500 companies in China (they don't) and if you are willing to do a free internship "you probably will be hired to a entryl level management position that pays at least $50,000 a year".  Great sales pitch that's so irresistible - but is all BS".

If you buy into the pitch they offer to help you "make it happen" and will even provide you your own apartment for a 90 day internship... for $3,999 but right now they only want a small deposit or "processing fee" of $300 or $500 to arrange an interview for you.  And if you do not get a placement within 45 days, they will refund this money. Sounds fair right?

You will get an interview but it is NOT that huge international company giving you the interview as you are led to believe but another Gi2C employee who plays the role of "HR director" and of course he/she tells you everything you want to hear, and you are ready to sign up thinking you will get that great job with a great salary.

When you get the "great news" email from Gi2c it comes with your internship contract that obligates you to pay their "placement fee of $999 - $3,699 depending on whether you opt for their housing and Chinese lessons. They never tell you that by the end of your 90 internship you will have invested over $7,000 because they only provide a private room in a "shared apartment" for your first 30 days and your air fare, daily meals, transportation to and from work, mandatory insurance, visa fees, etc is all your responsibility,

But since you think you have a great job awaiting you at the end of this rainbow you tell yourself the investment in your future career is worth it. When you arrive in Beijing however, you learn the reality when you are given a crap internship with a no-name Chinese company that thinks you are their gopher servant. You spend your work hours fetching and delivering things ranging from coffee to files, to messages, or they put you on a street corner to hand out brochures to people walking by, or they give 500 pages of horrible English translations to proof-read and correct every other day.

The room they gave you came complete with a filthy mattress full of bed bugs and you spend $40 a week on cortisone cream to stop the itching. You demand a refund but are shown the fine print in your contract. Unless you make a huge scene outside their office - you have zero chance of a refund as 179 people found out the hard way last year.

Realizing that the Chinese police care less about "YOUR problem" because you signed a contract, and a local Chinese lawyer wants $5,000 to file a claim for you, you make the best of your situation and end up looking for your own job in China and regret that you ever came across that "once in a lifetime opportunity" Gi2C ad on Google.

No need to take my word for all this... here are what other victims and former employees have to say about their former employer:

Here is a  telesales girl in Pakistan supposedly calling from Gi2C's "London Office" to give
you some "great news" that you have Skype interview tomorrow arranged with the "HR Director"

  She uses the name "Barbara Wilson" or "Haley Gilbert" See below)

if you cannot read the below, visit this link:

2018 Gi2C SCAM UPDATE:  These scammers are now using multiple alias company names and are fully exposed at http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral on pages 1-4.  The names they are now using include;



Wiseway Global Co.

Laowai Career Central

Wiseway International

Beijing Wiseway Consulting

And there may be more alias entities we do not know of.  But go to http://duckduckgo.com instead of google and search "gi2c, scam" because Google helps to conceal them since they spend a lot of money on Google Adwords.  Your search will bring up dozens of horror stories and the fact that they fabricate their own testimonials and reviews that say how great they are.

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