Friday, April 17, 2015

Fraud Alert! Avoid China Internship Scams That Ask For Money

Tis the season of the China internship peddlers who are now spamming hundreds of very appealing ads on line offering "International Careers Start In China With An Internship".  With struggling economies all over the world, many university graduates find these ads to difficult to resist and they take the deadly bait. They believe all the fake reviews and testimonials and six months later they wish they never saw that ad!  Private companies that charge money for internship placements in China are hardly ever legitimate.  Genuine China internships are ALWAYS  FREE as explained here:

Real internships are sponsored directly by real Fortune 500 Companies, real MNCs, real NGO's and real SMEs and unlike the scammers, they do not advertise.  But when you want to believe the impossible - that paying $99 to $4,999 for an internship placement will land you a $50,000 job after 90 days, it is easy to ignore the many red flags that identify a China internship scam as follows:

1)  You are asked to pay up-front and/or other fees

2)   You are solicited by email or Skype to apply for an China internship

3)   You are told to lie on your visa application about WHY you are coming to China

4)   You directed to look at "testimonials" of other interns

5)    Your questions are ignored or evaded.

To see current scams in progress, Google "China Internship Scam" or visit these links:

These China internship scams use the most convincing websites that are very easy to believe. Don't be fooled. You NEVER have to pay even $1 to get a internship in China and please remember the that only 28% of the real internships ever lead to full-time jobs. So if you get one, keep your expectations realistic.  Here are some other articles that you may want to read about internships...

2018 Gi2C SCAM UPDATE:  These scammers are now using multiple alias company names and are fully exposed at on pages 1-4.  The names they are now using include;



Wiseway Global Co.

Laowai Career Central

Wiseway International

Beijing Wiseway Consulting

And there may be more alias entities we do not know of.  But go to instead of google and search "gi2c, scam" because Google helps to conceal them since they spend a lot of money on Google Adwords.  Your search will bring up dozens of horror stories and the fact that they fabricate their own testimonials and reviews that say how great they are.

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